Michelle Jones, owner and instructor of Michelle Jones Art and Chell Design truly lives and breathes art every day. She believes creativity comes in many forms, whether it’s drawing or painting, sculpture, mixed media, writing, photography, dance, music, gardening, or creating personalized spaces- wherever your interests take you, it is inherent to being human and contributes to live a fulfilling and vibrant life.
“I earnestly believe life is an Artful journey. I believe that you are creative, regardless of experience or “talent”. I believe by tapping into this creativity and surrounding yourself with inspiration and beauty you can bring balance, navigate life, and its challenges- artfully.   In my classes I strive to create a positive environment and workshops that help you feel successful, regardless of your experience in art.”


Lessons at Chell Design Studio

Private and Group Art Lessons

Chell Design/ Michelle Jones Art  is thrilled to announce that Michelle is offering one on one art lessons and group lessons (2-6 participants) for kids, teens and adults at her home studio in Kennewick! 

Instead of set times for classes and a one size fits all presentation,  you set the time and the focus for the lessons! 

Kids and Teens


We all know today’s kids are art starved! An over abundance of technological distractions, the shrinking arts in schools, and parents that are pressed for time and sometimes space just doesn’t allow kids and teens the creative time they need. Let your kids make “messes” at Michelle’s studio. Michelle’s focus on the natural world using the “artist’s eye”, will increase your child’s sense of wonder, stimulate imagination, and teach valuable observation and problem solving skills.

Kids can choose from drawing (graphite, charcoal, colored pencil), painting (acrylic, watercolor, watercolor pencils), and/or mixed media such as collage, book arts such as art/ nature journaling.
Want something else? Just ask!

Graphite Drawing

Teen and Tweens  may want to develop a deeper understanding of a certain medium, round out their portfolio, or just try some new art techniques for fun. Maybe a small birthday party with friends?
Adults –If you prefer quiet, one on one coaching, would like to hone your technique, dabble in the arts in a supportive private setting, or would like to learn a technique for a DIY project, then Michelle’s home studio is the place for you.  On the other hand maybe you would like to get a group of friends together for a private art party or group lesson, (with or without wine) there’s plenty of space!
Ideas for adult art lessons:
Fine Art: realistic drawing, perspective drawing, drawing with graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, acrylic or gouache painting, trompe l’oeil painting, collage, mixed media, art journaling, nature journaling.
Decorative Arts: Glazing for walls, painting furniture and cabinetry, stenciling, using metallic foils, metaliic and earth plasters, crackle mediums, metallic and reactive paints.
Art Party– Some example of past art parties: Rusty Balls- rust painted bowling balls, Vintage Paper Wine Collages with alcohol ink, Foil Finishes, Stenciled Art and Demo and Paint (landscapes, still life painting, etc.)
Pick your passion and Michelle will create something just for you!

Lessons Pricing

Kids and Teens

All materials provided. Although every child is different, we recommend 1 hour for younger kids, 1.5 hours for tweens, and 2 hours for older kids. Each class covers theory, techniques, practice time, and for on going students- home practice assignments (it’s all fun stuff).

Special Introductory Pricing through August 2014

Lesson times available 10:30am  – 4pm week days


1 hour – 30.00 (regular price 40.00)

1.5 hours – 35.00 (regular price 50.00)

2 hours- 40.00 (regular price 60.00 that’s 20.00 off! )

Group Lessons:

2-3 students

1 hr- 25.00 (reg. 30.00)

1.5 hours – 30.00 (reg. 35.00)

2 hours – 35.00 (reg. 40.00)

4-6 students

1 hr- 20.00 (reg. 25.00)

1.5 – 25.00 (reg. 35.00)

2 hours – 30.00 (reg. 40.00)


Due to the huge variety of adult options, each lesson, group class, or art party is priced individually. Call to discuss your ideas!

How to sign up:

Contact Michelle Jones to set up a lesson schedule. (Online Scheduler is not available at this time but coming soon.)


Email: michelle@chelldesign.com

Facebook: Facebook/ChellDesign or Facebook/MichelleJonesArt


Fill out Contact Form below:

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Paying For Classes:

Once you’ve set a schedule with Michelle you can create an account and pay for your classes online. If you would prefer to pay with a check or cash, just make arrangements with Michelle at time of class scheduling.

Click below for account creation and to pay for your lessons.

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